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Consultation - Drug Screening Program Management


Emerald Bay Consulting, LLC has successfully managed on site drug screening at construction projects totally over $2 Billion.  This comprehensive "turn key" administration is cost-effective and provides insulation for major OCIP sites.  Major US corporations have used Emerald Bay Consulting, LLC as their drug program administrator to facillitate the construction process, manage multiple vendors and provide easy billing.  Please call us to set a meeting so we can discuss your program needs and go into greater detail.



Product Training & Certification


If the client agrees to do on-site drug screening and after a product is selected, we provide a very important professional component:  Training and Certification.  This will insure that the client's employee who administers the drug screen has the necessary tools to do it right.

If a forensic specimen is required (as in the case of confirmation) we normally recommend the use of a 3rd party specimen collection facility or clinic.



Recognizing & Dealing with the Drug Affected Employee Seminars


  • This 2-hour seminar prepares our client's supervisors and managers to recognize the signs & symptoms of drug abuse in the workplace.

  • It equips those supervisors to deal with the drug affected employee in a manner that protects both the employee and the company.

  • Dealing with the "for cause" or "reasonable suspicion" situation can be chaotic.  Since it happens so infrequently and often involves an accident or other safety issue, the supervisor needs a "step-by-step" plan.

  • Presentations are customized to meet policy or collective bargaining agreements and include appropriate forms and other hand out materials.

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